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Born in 1993 in Novi Sad, Serbia. Raised in Veternik, place where I live currently. Attented "Isidora Sekulić" grammar school in Novi Sad. Finished Faculty of Techincal Sciences in Novi Sad also. Got a job in Novi Sad. You can say I'm pretty attached to the city I grew up in.

The Begginings (elementary and high school)

Since I was a kid I was into computers, playing around with MS DOS my on a computer my father had bought for small grocery shop he owned. This is what got me into computers, playing Prince of Percia and Alladin on an that old computer, knowing there's more to it.

In the middle of elemenatry school, I got really interested in motorcycles and MotoGP. I was also watching Orange County Choppers on Discovery Channel and wanted to build my own bike. Luckily my father had Tomos A3L that I restored (painted and tinkered around) until I got it into mint condition. Back then I wanted to become a mechanic and enroll into school of that sort.

In parallel to my biking passion, I was attending extra-curriculum classes in elementary school trying to get more into computers. In those classes in elementary school is where I build my first program and at that time, it didn't feel good as fixing or riding a motorcycle. First thing I build was a prank, it was a program when run would show a button "Don't click me" and if you clicked it your computer would shut down. Yeah, I was a prankster.

Eventually I'd enroll into grammar school and pursue my programming furthermore, while slowly less wanting to become a mechanic, and more wanting to do something with computers. In the grammar school I programmed in Basic and Delphi, which I didn't like as much, I was always more of a eye-candy kind of guy. I wanted to build something that is more elegant and beautiful.

University days

The desire to built something more beautiful and useful than high school programs fueled me to get into Faculty of Technical Sciences in Computer Science. At first I was lost, it felt like it wasn't the right path for me. But eventually, around second year of university, I started to like programming and kinda fell in love with the process of writing code.

Intership and my first love

After experimenting with different things in university, like Java, compilers optimization and such, I mostly liked web development. I hated coding in Java, and knew there must be something more appealing than plain Java. There came internship at Rendered Text, where I was introduced to Ruby (and Ruby on Rails). It was kind of a love at first sight. Way it preaches self-improvent and self-teaching, and how simple it is - made me awestruck.

I can now with confidence say that the Ruby is my favourite programming lanugage and I cannot stop loving it. Nowdays I'm focusing on Rails, Elixir, Javascript (React and Angular) and I really want to get more into machine learning (more than I've done it in university)

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